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Known also as business liability or commercial general liability insurance, general liability business insurance is the most basic form of coverage that is needed by a business. This type of insurance covers your business against all types of accidents. Ranging from cases where a customer gets hurt when they’re in your workshop or if you drop a piece of heavy equipment and make a hole in a customer’s floor, or in the floor of a space you rent for your business. These are accidents that can spell disaster for a business.  A general liability insurance coverage is the protection that allows you to focus on doing the work and growing your business.  Many customers and almost all commercial jobs require that you have a general liability policy.

Professional liability insurance, commonly known as E&O (Errors & Omissions), protects businesses against civil lawsuits and negligence claims. General liability insurance covers accidents, while professional liability insurance covers professional mistakes. Professional liability insurance covers everything from an electrician who mis-wires a light fixture to a mechanic who puts the wrong type of oil in an engine. Professional liability insurance for small businesses is what protects you if you make this kind of mistake or even if your client thinks you did.

Why have General Liability


There are a few reasons that general liability insurance is essential to both protecting and growing your business.


Accidents Cost Money:  Medical bills and repair bills are expensive and it will be up to you to pay for them out of pocket, unless you have a general liability insurance policy.

Lawsuits Cost Even More Money:  Arguing your case in court if you are sued can still be a costly endeavor. Having an insurance policy that can take care of it is often easier than fighting it out in court.

Customers Want Protection Too:  If you have general liability insurance, your clients can feel safe knowing that in the case of an accident they won’t have to spend their own money or affect their own insurance premiums. 

People Want to Work with  Pros:  Insurance can help you attract new business. Your ability to send a Certificate of Insurance demonstrates to potential new customers that you’re a responsible professional running a serious business. 

Why Professional Liability


 Professional liability insurance goes beyond accidents covered by a general liability policy. 

Everybody makes mistakes, and that’s as true for general contractors as it is for nail technicians, but your potential clientele isn’t thinking of that when they’re choosing which professional to hire.   That’s why it’s important not to let a single mistake take over your reputation.

 If a customer claims you made a mistake (whether or not you did), small business professional liability insurance coverage is what lets you move on quickly and smoothly instead of getting bogged down in attention-grabbing court cases or costly payouts. 

It can also save you from fighting with customers. So  rather than arguing over which costs you are or aren’t willing to pay–what damage you did, or didn’t, cause, you can instead bring in your insurance company to determine what happened and what the appropriate course of action should be.  This saves you time, money & your good name.    

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