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Our brokers have served the community over 25 years; working with individuals and businesses, both big and smalll; to provide quality insurance coverage at a reasonable price. Whether you need a policy just for yourself or your family, or one for your brand-new start-up company   with just yourself, or you are an established company with lots of employees – EVERYONE deserves reasonable priced insurance and excellent customer service. 

Union America Insurance Agency Inc. provides that and much, much more. 

Union America Insurance Agency Inc. represents over 15 of the top insurance companies nationwide.  We proudly offer the following types of insurance to our customers:


Business Auto

Commercial Trucking 

Physical Damage

General Liability   


Leased Owner  

New Authority 

Non-Working Liability 

Workmen’s Compensation






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An analysis involves a comprehensive look at your current insurance portfolio. Over time, policies can become outdated, no longer covering you effectively.  Contact us today for a free insurance review and let us see how we can improve your coverage and save you money today!

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